" The result is the only fair basis for judgment."

- Alfred Steiglitz


My work focuses on our inseparable placement in the natural environment and the timeless quality of each moment when the observer, the observed and the act of observation come together to form an abstract idea commonly known as beauty. There has always been something about the photographic process that represents these principles: the observer observing, the observed observed, and the act of observation open to interpretation through the artist's intent. My work derives from photographic representations of the natural environment as re-composed, re-constructed, and re-interpreted, further emphasizing the abstract qualities of our everyday existence. This work excites me and is a never ending source of inspiration. Hopefully it will excite the 'observer' as well.

The term PHOTO + SYNTHESIS alludes to combining photographic image making with modern print making techniques. The work presented here uses both traditional and non-traditional photographic techniques as a starting point and moves into the realm of image abstraction and surface expression. The finalized artworks become individual hand-made objects that have the effect of transposing the imagery literally and figuratively into a type of fabric whose surface is apparent and celebrated in and of itself.  

The "surface" presented is ostensibly and visually composed of a woven grid of printed paper yet the imagery in many respects is composed with an intentionally chaotic or abstract nature. This allows the observer to consider which to focus on, the Order or the Chaos, or perhaps Order and Chaos combined. When viewed in this manner, this type of imagery takes on a life of its own, free of conceptual boundaries, both visual and aesthetic. And if one thinks further on these issues we may come to understand that what we are viewing every day through our common experience of the waking, dreaming, and deep sleep states is really just chaos with no fixed reality, somehow cemented together by our interweaving of conceptually overlain ideas: our understanding of Time, Light, and Space.

Please explore the COHERENT STATES, ELEMENTAL I, II, and III series, and OBJECTS OF TIME portfolios below. Each is centered around a central idea or theme whose common thread is the concept of animation and the aliveness of that which we mostly consider inanimate.